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Carmel House Sold By Eric & Stacy Stauffer

Selling Your Carmel Home


What are the top three key things we do to sell your Carmel house for the highest possible price and with the least inconvenience to you?

1. We help you “position” your property at the right price. With the right price and presentation you have an excellent chance of selling your property in the first few weeks. The right price gets the best results! We do this by accurate market and property appraisal.

2. We represent your home in an elegant and professional presentation to the real estate community and home buyers. We do this by getting more eyes on your listing through professional photography and internet presence our reputation and worldwide marketing reach.

3. We assist with a thorough pre-sale process. This involves preparing your house for marketing, proper due diligence inspections and disclosures and  executing a detailed and proven marketing plan to show your property in it’s best light during the initial presentation.

Yes, we will do many more things to see you through the sale and closing process. You can be sure we will be there every step as dedicated fiduciaries to sell your property with your interests in mind.

When the time comes to sell your Carmel property, no one can do a better job of marketing your home than Eric & Stacy Stauffer - Sotheby's International Realty. We will help you establish top value by preparing a written appraisal-value report. We will lay out a marketing plan and assist with preparing your house for sale through staging, disclosure and inspection reports.

Selling Your Carmel Home: Selling
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