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Selling Your Pacific Grove House

Did you know that the average price of a home in Pacific Grove in 2013 was: $762,000? That house at the end of 2023 was worth on average $1,665,000. A 100% appreciation in 10 years. It is nice to know that historic real estate return is around 7% or a doubling every 10 years. Of course, that is not a guaranteed return rate but does have some historical accuracy.

When the time comes to sell your real estate asset in Pacific Grove you will want to have it professionally marketed by a company and Realtors that will represent your valuable interests during a sale. The same way that you made that important decision when you purchased your Pacific Grove property.

You will want a real estate partner that will help you price and present your home in its best light to the real estate community and potential new Pacific Grove homeowners. You will want to have a complete disclosure and inspection package available so when you select an offer, you know the buyer is well informed and the transaction will close, with the least inconvenience to you and for the highest possible price. You will want a Realtor that can represent your home to the real estate community in the most professional way possible. Using high quality photography, online marketing perfection and a customized marketing plan for your valuable property will insure your home is the standout property available.

You will want an agent that will be there form the beginning, pre-sale planning stage to the final close of escrow and helping with your interests and goals all along the way.

In closing, find a Realtor and company that has a reputation for excellence and professionalism in Pacific Grove. An agent that is trained and certified to uphold the highest standards of ethics and quality. One with elegant and sophisticated marketing materials, online tools, and presence. One that will reflect the value and uniqueness of your home.


Eric & Stacy Stauffer are a husband and wife real estate team working with Sotheby’s International Realty - Pacific Grove. They have represented the real estate interests of sellers in Pacific Grove for over 30 years.


house sold by Eric & Stacy Stauffer
Pacific Grove Victorian House At Lover's Point

Pacific Grove Victorian House At Lover's Point Sold By Eric & Stacy Stauffer - Sotheby's International Realty - Pacific Grove



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